WCPLT – Watercolor Palette

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6″ x 8″ plastic watercolor palette. Great for blending colors with water-based inks.

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Watercolor Palette

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3 reviews for WCPLT – Watercolor Palette

  1. rmplant07 (verified owner)

    You only need one to use for Art Impression watercoloring however I mix different colors and pruchased two extra just because. These palettes are very smooth and delightful to use. Highly recommend.

  2. kim.corrigan (verified owner)

    I’ve been working on my glass mat, using it as my palette and following the rules for months now, but never seemed to achieve the depth of color that I see on Bonnie’s and Kendra’s projects. So, my last order I decided to include an Ai palette. Oh my goodness! Who would have ever thought that it would make such a difference, but it really does. If you’re on the fence, it’s five dollars well spent. You will not be disappointed!

  3. RJ (verified owner)

    I have over 100 Art Impressions watercolor palettes, and I use them to sort and organize my watercolor stamps. They are then stored in the Best Craft Organizer storage boxes. (Six AI palettes with stamps on one side fit in one BCO storage box.) I sort all my AI watercolor stamp sets into categories. For example, buildings and houses, scenery, foliage, flowers, birds and animals, people, bible journaling, etc. I also label each stamp to correspond to the AI stock number for cross-referencing AI sets. I lost stamps in the past when the plastic packaging the stamps come in lose their adhesive qualities. Putting the stamps on the palettes and keeping them in the BCO storage boxes keeps everything sorted, itemized, stored, and easy to find. In addition, I frequently change my mind as to which stamp will be used for a painting, and this system makes it fast and very easy to find alternative ideas.

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